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Gdow 3

Gdow 3 is a free Gmail notifier with shareware "on the fly" inbox management capabilities and gmail folders/labels batch cleaning functions.
Gdow 3, like Gdow 2, uses atom feed parsing for notification but use now official Gmail api and authentication.

Download Gdow 3 here
Get a serial to activate advanced management functions here
Forgot your serial ? here

Changelog :
vers. 2019.0411 : first release
vers. 2019.0604 :
- solved : action buttons inactive in case of multiple messages thread
- added Gmail folders batch cleaning functions
vers. 2019.0615 :
- solved : add shortcut to Windows startup folder not working on Windows 10
vers. 2019.0617 :
- solved : missing files and dlls included now, sorry :-(
- solved : clear settings button didn't clear all settings
vers. 2019.0910 :
- some minor bugs solved and enhancements done
- reduced google authorization from modify and delete to modify only