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Gdow 2007 (last update 05/06/2010)
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One Click Toolbar since 6/25/2008 !
Support Gmail for your domain since 03/28/2008 !

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Gdow 2007 is an interactive Gmail notifier for Windows (all version with .net framework installed, XP, Vista, Windows 7).

Here is a list of (some of) its Gmail account management capabilities :

  - move mail to trash
  - move mail to archives
  - spam mail
  - unspam mail
  - star mail
  - delete mail for ever
  - see message body
  - reply
  - download attachments
  - empty spams, trash, drafts
  - send rapidly short mails with dragable attachments
  - pick, add and edit contacts (with full details)

Gdow 2007 simple configuration consists in :

 - choice of mailing software (for new mail, reply, etc...) :
     - Gdow's interface
     - default email client
     - gmail in default browser
 - action of Gdow's system tray icon
 - notifying panel option :
     - font (color,size,type, etc..)
     - background color
     - transparency

All capabilities are intelligently accessible through a "one click toolbar" (06/25/2008) or right click on notifying panel and Gdow's system tray icon.

Thus Gdow 2007, associated with a Gmail account, is one of the fastest way to manage emails.

Gdow 2007 is free and has been downloaded 11401 times on this website !

(Gdow 2007 is fully independant of Gdow 1.0)

Update 05/06/2010
  - solved : checking error due to Gmail evolution
  - solved : minor bug in contacts list

Update 03/04/2010
  - solved : this version solves a checking error and should be more independent to Gmail changes

Update 03/02/2010
  - solved : checking error if Labs or Buzz was inactivated (Thanks to Kenny !)

Update 02/23/2010
  - solved : logging error due to Gmail evolution

Update 12/14/2009
  - solved : checking error due to Gmail evolution

Update 10/07/2009
  - solved : login error since 10/6/2009 due to Gmail evolution

Update 06/19/2009
  - solved : contacts' list didn't show up anymore due to Gmail changes

Update 04/23/2009
  - solved : connection error (due to Gmail changes) by switching to Indy (and OpenSSL for secure connection)

Update 02/27/2009
  - solved : error with some email clients
  - solved : some minor bug fixes and enhancements

Update 02/09/2009
  - solved : some messages were not notified (due to Gmail changes)
  - solved : categories appeared in contacts' list (due to Gmail changes)

Update 11/29/2008 released 01/17/2009
  - changed : browse unread faster

Update 11/29/2008 released 12/27/2008
  - changed : use now a webbrowser instance in first stage of connection to be more independant of Gmail inner changes
  - changed : much faster checking method
  - new : automatic installer available

Update 8/19/2008
  - solved : gmail changes prevented Gdow to check, notify and browse correctly

Update 7/01/2008
  - solved : connection error due to 06/30/2008 gmail changes

Update 6/25/2008
  - solved : error if message body contained brackets
  - solved : deleting a draft in a conversation deleted all the conversation
  - solved : error when downloading attachments from different messages in a conversation
  - removed (for simplification): ability to delete selectively a message in a conversation
  - added : One Click Toolbar
  - added : back animation

Update 4/22/2008
  - solved : messages following the first of a succession with same object and sender (that are immediately grouped as a conversation by Gmail) were not notified
  - solved : the "empty" function was limited by the "browse" limit

Update 3/28/2008
  - solved : erratic connection with new english-US interface
  - added : support for "Gmail for your domain"
  - added : option to browse only latest mails
  - added : wheelmouse scrolling on contacts list
  - some minor bugs solved and enhancements

Update 1/14/2008
  - solved : some recent (java unicode) Gmail changes prevented Gdow to work correctly
  - solved : compatibility with new (english-US) gmail interface
  - solved : typing a mail hanged when checking
  - solved : notifying panel stole the focus to compose mail windows
  - solved : Ctrl+A (select all) didn't work on compose mail windows
  - added : ability to delete conversation or message selectively

Update 9/17/2007
  - message body is now shown in a richtexbox with scrollbars, clickable links, copy'n paste capabilities and an option to open (reply) in default browser
  - you can now continue to work on a mail after sending error
  - mailing's font is now the same as notifying panel's font (thus it's possible to mail in asian language)
  - solved : error when opening default browser on Vista
  - changed : "Mail with Gmail in Default Browser" as default
  - added : double click on icon hides notifying panel
  - added : switch message back or forward with mousewheel
  - some minor enhancements and bugs solved

Update 7/24/2007
  - solved : attached files (if more than 1) became undeletable
  - solved : switching timer now stops if message body (or an operation's confirmation) is displayed

Update 7/7/2007 :
  - solved : wrong size of the notifying panel on Vista
  - solved : error if clear settings but don't quit

First release 7/5/2007